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Monday, 7 october / AM

10h-10h30: Welcome Coffee

10h30-11h10: Introduction

Jean-François Pinton (President of the ENS Lyon) and  Hervé Piégay (Director of the OHM "Vallée du Rhône")

Review of the year by Robert Chenorkian

11h10-11h40: Presentation of OHM Fessenheim by Dominique Badariotti (20mn+10 mn)

11h45-12h45: Round Table "Crossing perspectives on the Anthropocene"

Moderator: Hervé Piégay

Speakers: Michel Lussault (Director of the École urbaine de Lyon - Geographer)

Michel Magny (University of Franche-Comté and CNRS, Autor of "Aux racines de l’Anthropocène. Une crise écologique reflet d’une crise de l’homme")

Christophe Bonneuil (Historian at CNRS, Co-autor of "L'Événement Anthropocène - La Terre, l'histoire et nous")



Monday, 7 october / PM

14h-16h30: "PhD and PhD students" session (20 min + 10 min) - Chairwomen : Anne-Marie Guihard-Costa et Sylvie Blangy

- Physical activity and dietary intake changes in the Ferlo region of Senegal: a specific case study of the nutrition transition within the pastoralist Fulani population by Emmanuel Cohen, Mael Garnotel, Isabelle Chery and Alexandre Zahariev (OHMi Tessekeré)

- The Ambivalent Contributions of Environmental Norms to Sustainable Development-Observations from the Extractive Basins of the Americas by Marie-Ester Lacuisse (OHMi Pima County)

- Port and ecology: differential representation and research efforts across regions in  the Americas by Pascal-Jean Lopez and Sophie Bary (OHM Littoral Caraïbe)

- Terrestrialisation process on the  engineered margins of the middle Rhône River (France) by Gabrielle Seignemartin (OHM Vallée du Rhône)

- Biochemical and microscopic characterization of the root extracellular root trap and root exudates of three Sahelian woody seedlings: Balanites aegyptiaca D., Acacia tortilis subsp. raddiana S. and Tamarindus indica L. by Alexis Carreras (OHMi Tessékéré)

16h30-18h: Poster session- Refreshments

Free evening

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